Yes, Five Spillway Gates Are Open Again!

Some descent weather before the rains came.  Nice days in the 70s.  However, on Tuesday, the sky opened up.  Today it will be in the upper 60s and overcast all day with chances of showers later today.  Friday and Saturday are both showing chances for showers and temps in the low 70s.  Sunday and Monday are promising…party sunny and upper 70s.  Tuesday and Wednesday are warm but chances for showers again!  Think it is going to be hit or miss for a little while.

Yes, five spillways gates were opened up yesterday afternoon at a foot each for a total discharge from these gates of 5100 cfs.  One of the generators is off-line so this will make up for that generator.  They are also running the remaining three generators at around 9900 cfs.  This gives us a total of 15000 cfs, or the equivalent of all four generators running full board.  Table Rock is currently 2 3/4′ above Power Pool.  (Table Rock power pool level increases to 916′ May 1 each year).  Unfortunately, it is still rising.

Jim – 4/27/19

Lots of fishing going on the past few days.  Saturday, Carolyn had Ed and Jim from the

Ed – 4/27/19

St. Louis area on the water all day.  Beautiful day, with lots of sunshine, fish, and feeding Murphy the goose.

They had enough of Carolyn, so Friday, they spent the full day on the water with Darren.  Another

Ed feel=ding Murphy

good day with a bit of wind which didn’t help the casting any!  But they had fun and caught fish!  Carolyn took a couple other fishers from their group, Jeff and John for the day.  These guys did well and had a fun day on the water catching on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Ralph, from Texas, was on the water all day with Dana.  They were catching on the ruby 2 under an orange egg pattern.

Monday, Jim was available, (Ralph is one of Jim’s regulars) so Jim took him out for the day.  Another good day for Ralph.  Rick, from Arkansas, had hoped to bring his wife on a trip so she could get into fly fishing, but she has been a

Rick – 4/29/19

little under the weather for the past month, so she decided to take a rain check.  Maybe next time….we hope!  Anyway, Rick spent half a day on the water with Carolyn.  Great day for Rick on the usual stuff, ruby 2 under big ruby.  He also caught a brown on this trip which he was happy with.

Carole – 4/30/19

The day of the big rain, Tuesday, Gina had Andy and Carole on the water for half a day.  Good, fun day for them.  They best the weather and caught fish!  Ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Andy – 4/30/19

Carole claimed the prettiest with Andy getting the biggest.   Lee and Charlie, from Texas, wanted to spend the entire day on the water with Carolyn.  Unfortunately, due to

Charlie – 4/30/19

the poopy weather forecast, we came off a couple hours early.  However, it was a good day and they guys caught lots of fish on ruby 2 under the big ruby.  We even hooked a few stripping the tiger tail!  Quite a pair to fish with.

Lee – 4/30/19

Don’t know who beat up on the other the most!  Fun day!



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