Only One Gate Running!

Cold, dreary Easter Sunday!  Probably see some rain this afternoon.  Monday will be a little warmer….in the 50s…but there is a 60% chance of scattered showers during the day.  Tuesday is warming up into the mid 60s, but again, chances, although less, of showers again.  Wednesday and Thursday look like dry days.  Sunny and 50s Wednesday with 60s and partly sunny Thursday.  Slight chances of showers, at this time, over the weekend.

Still have one gate open and they are running all four generators.  We will probably see at least three to four generators for a while to they can get rid of this last rain fall.

Stan on the water Friday with Terry from Mississippi.  Worked hard for the fish he caught on the lightning bug under the big ruby.  They had 3 generators and five gates opened that day.  Lots of water!  Howard and Richard were out with Carolyn.  Pretty good day on either the ruby 2 or lightning bug under the big ruby.  They found a one place where they were hitting pretty good and fished it till the fish said “uncle”.  Beautiful day on the water, just too much water!!!

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