Two Days Of Awesome…Then Ugh!

Today and tomorrow are going to be great!  Lots of sunshine and upper 50s today and more sun tomorrow with lower 60s.  February?!?  However, back to reality Saturday and Sunday when the temperatures will be in the 30s and chances (60% right now) of rain showers in the morning Saturday then a mix of rain and freezing rain.   We pretty much had this forecast Tuesday and I’m glad to say, it fizzled out.  The good news is that once we get through the weekend, it’s back to sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40s, and low 50s.

Generation has been all over the place this past week.  Monday, it was off for about four hours in the afternoon, came on low, then back off until early Tuesday.  Basically ran all day Tuesday.  Small window of no generation Wednesday afternoon.  Today they were projecting a flow of 35 mwh at 10:00 a.m. and as of right now – 10?45 a.m. it is 0 generation.  They are running 20 cfs probably from the in-house generators, and it a normal no generation flow.

Fishing continues to be good on almost everything.  Better get out there on one of these nice days and go fishing!

Just wanted to remind folks we have fly tying clinics in progress.  They have all been well attended and a lot of fun.  This weekend, egg patterns and flashback scuds are on the schedule.  Next Saturday, one of our newer, younger, guides will take everyone through some advanced techniques on tying those big streamers.  Give us a call if you are interested in attending one of these.


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