Great Weather and Great Fishing…..Most of the time!

Almost Fall weather in the forecast and pleasant past three days.  Low 80s all the way through the weekend and into next week.  There are some rain chances in the forecast, especially Sunday.  I’ll take it!

Great surprise yesterday when the water was off until 11:00 a.m.  It went to a low one unit for an hour, then up to a full unit.  At 1:00 p.m. a full two units came on and that was the day.  Today is about the same pattern but an hour or two later for each step.  Let’s hope we see this again tomorrow and, especially over the weekend.

Lots of trips this past week.  Larry and his wife Wendy, took their 11 year old daughter Hana out for half a day last Friday.  Each parent spent part of the trip in a boat with Hana.  James had Wendy and Hana for a while and they caught on the peach egg and rainbow warrior.  When they switched, Dana had Larry and Hana catching on the ruby 2, tiger tail and a red midge with a silver beadhead and wire.  Fun day for everyone.  Fishing was not fast and furious, but the guides really had fun getting to fish with Hana.  Stan had Ken and his friend Tom out for the morning.   They worked hard but caught fish on the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.  Three units were running when they hit the water, then more water at noon.

Saturday, Stan took Kathy and Chlorine out for the morning. Couple of good fly fishing ladies who had a very good day on the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.

Rich and Dana fished with Stan on Monday.  Pretty new fly fishers had a good day on the big ruby and ruby 2.  Hummm….seems to be a trend here.  Jack from Indiana, spent half a day with James.  Good day for him on the P&P and a peach egg pattern.

Jack – 7/31/17

Jeff and his son Carson were on the water the Dana.  New fly fishers had a good day on the ruby 2, tiger tail and an orange egg pattern.  Carolyn had

Meredith – 7/31/17

Meredith and his friend Jerry out all day Monday and again on Tuesday.  Meredith introduced Jerry to the fly rod (and they are still friends) and this was his introduction to fly fishing for trout.   Two very good days for these guys on the ruby 2 under

Jerry & Meredith – 7/31/17

the big ruby and stripping the tiger tail.  Over the two day, we had several doubles.  Glad I carry two nets!  Weather was great both days.  No humidity and temperature in the mid 80s.  Only negative was the water coming on hot and heavy around 2:00 p.m.  James had Rex and Gwen out for half a day.

Good day for these two fly fishers!  This was their first

Gwen – 8/1/17

experience in a drift boat and they liked it.  Gwen also was introduced to stripping.  They caught fish on the

Rex – 8/1/17

ruby 2 and stripping the tiger tail.  Stan had Joel from Texas out for the morning.  Joel had a good day on the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.

Wednesday was another OMG day.  Generators off until 11:00 a.m.  Then, a low one unit until 1:00.  Two units on then and we were drifting off!  Wendy spent the morning on the river catching fish!  Started early with the copperhead black midge.  When the fish laid off that, it was the ruby 2 under a lightning bug.  Once they turned on the

Wendy with fat, 19″ male – 8/2/17

low one, we started stripping the tiger tail and catching fish.  Finished up the day drifting out with the lightning bug and ruby 2 dropper.    Stan had Pat and his son Patrick.  They had a great day two on the tiger tail and ruby 2 midge.

Water off again this morning and great numbers are coming in from the waders on the water today.  James had Jack out again today and they had another really good day on the tiger tail and ruby 2.




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