Fishing Is Good!

Still seeing unbelievable weather.  Temperatures in the low 80s or upper 70s.  Slight chance of some rain late tonight and possibly into early Thursday, but back into the 70s by Friday.  Pretty much the trend for the following week.

No change in the generation pattern.  We have a couple mornings where they turn on the equivalent of one unit for an hour then shut it down.  Getting the normal two to three units on in the afternoon for several hours.

Fished with Sheila this past Sunday.  She and Jerry used to fish with me and Jerry passed away in June of 2015.  This past Sunday would have been Jerry’s 69th birthday and she wanted to remember him on the river where he loved to be.  He would have been proud.  Sheila had a great day on the river catching on the Ruby 2, P&P and stripping the filoplume on a sinking leader (Jerry’s favorite).  She caught enough for both of them.

Jim and Stan on the water Monday Ryan, Ryan and Robert.  Stan took the new fly fisher, Ryan.  Quick learner and he had a very good day, despite the water being messed with most of the day.  Up and down, up and down…..  It was the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.  The other Ryan and his grandfather, Robert, were with Jim.  They were using the baby ruby, P&P and a blood worm dropper.  Good day for these guys too.

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