What A Day!

Beautiful day yesterday.  And, we are having another one again today!  Very slight chances for rain tomorrow morning.  Then, cloudy most of the day with temperatures in the mid 60s.  Tuesday the sun starts peeking out with temperatures in the upper 6os and by Wednesday through Saturday, it’s lots of sunshine and 70s to 80s are back.

As of May 1 power pool on Table Rock went to 916.0 feet.  So, we are currently just a little under power pool.  Unless we get a bunch of rain or it starts warming up somewhere to require power, we should continue to see some off time on the generators.

It has been fishing very good here over the past few weeks.  However, yesterday was exceptionally hot as far as fishing goes.  Jim had a couple guys from here in Missouri, Kevin and Steve, out for most of the day.  A bunch of fish, including a nice 20″ rainbow.  Most were on a shad pattern or the tiger tail.  Stan’s guys, Gary and Gerry, also had a bunch of fish day including a 17-1/2 incher.  Fun day for everyone and I bet everyone slept well last night as they were worn out!

Just a reminder – If you know of anyone who would like to get a good start with fly fishing, we are having a full day fly fishing clinic May 14.  We start from the beginning with equipment, then knots, a little about bugs and reading water.  After lunch, it’s off to the river to learn basic casting and line management.  Everyone will learn at least two different presentation methods – nymphing and streamers.  Check under https://www.riverrunoutfitters.com/fly-school/ for more information


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