Sunny sky and low 80s today.  But, a cold front is coming through and we will see mid 60s over the weekend and low 60s Monday….with a chance for rain by Monday.  70s and back into the 80s by next weekend with chances for rain scattered throughout the week.

Still running two units at the equivalent of one more or less.  Some time during the day, it will be less than one unit, but also some time during the day it will be more.  The past couple days they have cranked it up around 2:00 p.m. to a healthy two units or even a low three.  Today is supposed to just be a low one all day.  Don’t know yet what the weekend will bring.

Jim on the water Tuesday with Ken from Kansas.  No best pattern but what they caught was pretty much on the chartreuse egg pattern.

Wednesday, Jim took a family of three out for an instructional trip.  These guys were from Michigan so they hit it off right away.  Jim took them down to Lookout Island so they could all get into the water where it was easier for him to work with them on casting or other necessary skills to stick a fish.  Successful day as everyone was getting their flies into the water and catching some fish.  They caught some on the chartreuse egg pattern, ruby and, of course, he had them pulling streamers so they caught a few on the tiger tail.  Carolyn had Wanda out for the first time this year.  Not

Wanda - 20 incher - 5/11/16

Wanda – 20 incher – 5/11/16

a ton of fish, but one of the ones she brought to the boat she thought weighed a ton. It gave her a good 15 minute fight!  Best pattern was the chartreuse egg.

Thursday, Gina and Jim were on the water for a half day.  Pretty good day for them on

Jim - 5/12/16

Jim – 5/12/16

the peach or chartreuse egg with a root beer midge dropper.   Carolyn had Mike and Kathy from Arkansas out for most of the day.  Mike has been fishing Taneycomo and with us for several years.  Kathy is just getting

Kathy & Carolyn - 5/12/16

Kathy & Carolyn – 5/12/16

started and this was her second time with a fly rod.  We had a fun day on the chartreuse egg, white grub and, stripping the holographic green crackleback.

Mike - 5/12/16

Mike – 5/12/16


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