Warm Days Brought Out The Fishers!

Nice, warm days Christmas Day and the days after until today.  Today brought overcast sky and dropping temperatures.  The low is projected to be in the mid teens.  Hopefully, tomorrow will see upper 30s to low 40s and New Year’s day is predicted to be upper 40s or low 50s.  Cool down again Thursday in the mid 30s and low 40s to mid 30s for the weekend.

Generation has been non-stop for the past six days.  And, it has been a pretty heavy flow many days with levels 705 and above.  Tomorrow is projected to be pretty much a repeat of today.  The equivalent of two units and levels around 707 feet.

The warm weather brought out the fly fishers.  The day after Christmas, Stan and Carolyn took Dawn, James Albert and Albert out for most of the day.  Little late start to let it warm up.  Slow start to the day, but after lunch, fishing picked up.  The guys were catching on the big ruby and a pink San Juan worm dropper.  Dawn did well on the big ruby with a white grub dropper.

Friday, Bill and Wes, from Arkansas, took a half-day float with Jim.  Good day for these guys on the size 14 ruby midge with a gray scud dropper or a size 10 CQ streamer. 

Stan had Scott, from Illinoia, out for his birthday again.  Fun day for Scott on the big ruby with the P&P dropper.  Kathy and Mark spent half day on the water with Jim.  Good day for these two on the CQ streamer, ruby midge and a gray scud. 

Looking forward to starting the New Year, hopefully, standing in the water.  That remains to be seen.  Anyway, it will be wetting a line!

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