Happy Day!

Hot today!  I think it is around 90 degrees with 51% humidity.  Yesterday started out looking like it was going to be pretty warm, but the storm that hit Springfield cooled us down.  We did not get rain, at least where we were on the river.  Overcast sky, some distant rumbling, and a cool down, but that was all.  Looks like a cool Monday with upper 70s and a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms.  Slight chances of rain all week with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.  Chances of rain almost nil by the weekend and 90s.

Happy Day!  Yesterday, they had the generators off for the first time in a couple weeks.  Didn’t turn them on until noon, as projected.   Turned on one unit and one hour later, they turned on one more unit.  At 2:00 they turned on the third unit.  Today, again, they had the generators off until noon.  Right now they are running the equivalent of a low two units, again, as projected.  Tomorrow they are supposed to have them off until 1:00 or 2:00 p.m.  Mondays are always ” up for grabs”. 

Wow!  A little behind here.  Stan on the water last Sunday and Monday with Kirk from St. Louis.  New to fly fishing and wanted to learn.  He is slated for a trip to Montana in a month or two to go fly fishing.  He probably won’t be faced with the conditions there that he had here.  9000 cfs of water on both days.  He did hook and land some fish on the big ruby midge.  Monday, Jim and Darrell  had Chris, Gaby, Kyle and Ryan, also from the St. Louis area, on the water for half a day.  Pretty much instructional trips, and they caught fish on the ruby midge, and various size black zebra midges. 

Thursday Jim took Jim and his son Branson out for half a day.  It was a size 16 & 18 black midge day.  Stan had Bob and Jan, from Kansas out for half a day.  He and Bob worked together at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department in Olathe, KS.  They had a fun day, and I think Jan outfished Bob.  Big ruby and P&P midges.

Dana took Tom from Texas out for half a day Friday.  They had a good day on the rusty midge and a CQ streamer.  Three boat group from Ohio, was taken out by Jim, Darrell and Stan.  Barry and Larry were with Darrell.  Paul went with Jim, and Stan had Tony and Mike.  Big ruby and size 18 & 16 black midges were the patterns for this outting. 

Saturday, Stan took Claudio and his son, Sebastian, from Puerto Rico out for half a day.  This is something Claudio was wanting to try.  He did and he likes it.  Said he would be back again next year when he picks his son up from Camp.  Good day for they on the big ruby, P&P and black zebra midges.   And, it was a happy day for Carolyn.  I spent the day with friends, Dawn and James Albert.  We had a great day we had.  With the water off, once we found the magic color, the copper dun midge, it was pretty fast action.  It also worked well with a size 18 gray scud dropper.  Once the water came on, we changed out and fished the rise of the one unit with a big ruby and a pink or red San Juan dropper.  As the speed of the water picked up, we moved on down the river and found another shallow area with the water starting to rise over this area.  Again, it was the big ruby and San Juan worm dropper.  We did decide that the red San Juan was the best.  Second generator came on and fishing stayed fast and furious, just like the water.  Not too much lag time with the three of us fishing between someone hooking up.  Once they turned on the third unit, the fast and furious calmed down.  We did pick up a few more on the drift down, but no action like we had had.  But, what a great day!

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