Awesome weather the past four days EXCEPT for the wind!  Temperatures in the 60s and 70s with lots of sunshine.  However, every day is another day and today it is rainy, and much cooler……,mid 40s.  Tomorrow should be in the 50s and partly cloudy.  Slight chance of showers.

We had not seen generation for maybe the past 10 days, other than a 1-2 hours spike in the morning, until this past Friday.  Friday morning they cranked up two generators for a while, then put them back to a low one mid-day, then back up again.  Yesterday was a pretty steady low one unit, and today we are seeing a low one unit.  They did have two running for 2-3 hours, but as I write (noon), it is back to a low one (as projected) and is supposed to stay at a low one all day.  Tomorrow, the projection is for no generation all day.

Darrell on the water all day last Monday with Nick and Mike from the St. Charles area.  Great day on the black zebra and the copper headed back zebra midges. 

Wednesday, Stan had Boyd from Nebraska out all day.  Another great day fishing!  Weather was a bit cold and windy, but the fish didn’t care.  Lots of fish on the ruby midge and the red ass soft hackle.

Micha - 3/13/13

Wednesday, Carolyn took Micha, the grandson of one of our customers, out for a couple hours to work with him on the roll cast,  pick up and lay down cast, and line management.  Quick learner, throwing a pretty good line, and picked up on catching real fast!

Stan then took Micha and his grandfather, Harold on a half day trip Thursday and they had a great day on the P&P midge.  Of course, Micha did well.  At one time, I think he was out fishing his grandfather!  Darrell back on the water Thursday with Dave and Gary from Independence, MO.  Fairly new fly fishers had a gang-buster day on the size 16 red midge and an 18 P&P midge.  Windy!

Bob – 3/14/13

Carolyn on the water all day Thursday with Bob and Mary Ann.  Awesome day on the P&P and ruby midges.  Caught a few stripping the CQ streamer and holographic green crackleback.   Windy! 

Friday, Stan took John and Tharon from Wyoming out for half a day float.  This was the day they decided to turn on the generators, and fishing was definitely not as good has it has been with the generation off.  However, it was a beautiful day, 80s, sunshine, but windy!  They had a good day, on the red midge and holographic green crackleback.  Mike and Trish from Texas, spent the day on the water with Carolyn.  Not a bad day, not a great day, but certainly a good day.  We put several fish to the boat on a size 18 ruby midge dropped from the size 16 lightning bug.  And, it was certainly a fun day.  Not windy until the last hour!

Saturday, Darrell and Carolyn spent the day on the water with Dawn, Albert and James Albert from Louisiana.  Always a fun day.  Certainly started out slow in the a.m., but by the afternoon we had either figured it out or the fish decided they were hungery.  Finished up the day on a good note with a good day on red soft hackles, beadhead hare’s ear nymph, ruby midge, P&P midge, holographic green or silver cracklebacks and the 56er.  Dawn caught a pretty brown on a size 18 ruby midge.

Dawn - 3/16/13

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