Good and Cold!

Pretty nice day today, with temperatures forecast for the low 40s.  At this time, I think we will make it.  Tomorrow looks like mid 30s with pretty good chances for some type of moisture in the form of rain and or snow.  After we get through that, a colder New Year’s day in the low 30s and then we will creep back up to the upper 30s and 40s by the coming weekend. 

Great generation schedule the past two days.  No generation.  However, they did fire up one generator yesterday morning for a short period of time then shut it off.  So far today, they are following the published schedule.  According to the schedule, it should be off all day tomorrow. 

Weather has been cold, but fishing has been good.  I think it should really be classified as very good.  Everyone who has been brave enough to venture out has been catching fish.   The nice thing is that they are catching several fish in a couple hours so it’s not such a bad deal to quit after just a couple hours in the water.  Go warm up and hit it again.

Carolyn was out for a half day Friday with Jay and his son, Tucker.  Both are brand new, so we started with the roll cast, a little work on the pick up and lay down cast, line handling and playing a fish.  Tucker’s first or second drift resulted in a fish.  Good start for these two guys.  We never changed patterns from the size 18 copper dun midge.  It was pretty overcast Friday.  Tucker may have caught the slightly largest fish, but Jay passed him in number of fish. 

Saturday, Stan helped Scott, from Illinois celebrate his 58th birthday.  They had a great day catching fish and finished up drinking hot coffee and eating Scott’s birthday cake.

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