Fishing Has Been Good!

Love this weather!  Temperatures in the 80s and low 90s with RAIN scattered here and there.  Sometimes more here than there, especially this past Saturday.  Dry for the remainder of the week after we get through today until the weekend when it looks like we might feel the affect of Isaac. 

Generation schedule pretty consistent.  Off every morning then on for one to five hours in the afternoon and back off again.  Generated from a low one to low two all day Saturday and that looks like what we will see again today. 

Fishing for the past several days has been good to very good, especially for some.  Streamers, midges, and hoppers with a few ants on occasion, have been working well.  Several of our customers have come in after catching lots of fish with their reports.  The size 18 ruby midge and the CQ streamer are at the top of the list.

Robert - 8/25/12

Gina and Dana had a very fun day Saturday as each of them had the opportunity to take a couple veterans from the Healing Waters program out fishing all day….well almost all day.  The heavy rain, accompanied by some lightening, chased them off a little early.  Gina’s guys, Robert, from Kansas, and Joseph from the Columbia, MO. area, caught on the big ruby and a ruby or black copper head midge all day.  I think she said John also hooked a few on the CQ streamer.   Dana’s guys, Dave and Don, from the St. Louis area, had a  great day on the big ruby and the size 16 red D-ribbed midge.   Several other area guides participated in this program and I’m certain it was a great day for everyone!

Stan on the water Sunday with Bob and Linda from Kansas.  Other than getting a little wet, they all had a good day on the black zebra with the copper head.

One of our customers came in this morning and said he had been fishing for four days and caught “a bunch” (three digit numbers) on the primrose & pearl.

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