The End is Near!

2010 is just about at its end.  I hope many of you can start your New Year fly fishing….even for just a cast or two!  Know the weather is supposed to change for the worst tomorrow late afternoon.  We have had unbelievable weather for the past two days and expect pleasant temperatures tomorrow morning, but as I said, it will start deteriorating some time in the late afternoon.  Also believe we will have some wind as it will be blowing in the colder weather.  Generation schedule has been its usual crazy self.  The water was off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Monday we had a shot of water in the morning, off for six hours mid day then back on.  After they started running water Tuesday morning around 7:00 a.m. they had not shut it down.  However, both yesterday and today, they have pretty much run the equivalent of one generator although at times they were using 2 or 3 generators to accomplish this.  May be will have the water off again this weekend from Friday though Sunday!  Everyone cross your fingers!

Stan on the water yesterday with Matt and Kelly from Oklahoma.  Nice couple of first time fly fishers.  They had a good time, learned a bit, and caught some fish on the red size 16 midge. 

Lots of folks fishing in the Hatchery area the past two days.  Have heard from great catching stories and “we need help” stories.  For the most part, however, they are catching on gray or tan scuds and red San Juan worms.

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