Either Top or Bottom!

Fishers managed to get through yesterday without much rain.  However, the sky opened up last night and we got lots of rain.  Flow projection was pretty much right on this weekend, and this morning flow is a bit higher than projected.  Projected was 25 mwh and it appears we are getting around 50.  This means tailwater level between 704 and 705 fett with 3500 to 4000 cfs.  Scheduled to ramp up to the equivalent of two generators by 2:00 p.m.  With all the rain we received, sure projections will be subject to change as we see the effect of the runoff.

Yesterday was a fish top water or strip something off the bottom.  Everyone we talked to was catching fish. Some definitely more than others.  The scuds, midge, nymph fishers were catching fish, but those using size 16 black ants or beetles, or even a small white dry, and those stripping olive wooly buggers from a size 6 down to a size 14 were doing very well.  Had to pick your spot for the dries…look for the classic nose circles indicating top water feeding to catch on dries, but they were working well and what fun!   Every day is a new day on the water here lately. 

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