Hello Summer!

The heat is on here at Taneycomo.  Don’t think there could be a better place to spend a hot afternoon than standing in the cold waters and  fishing for trout. Lots of vacationers/fly fishers kept the guides in a sweat last week.  Fishing was good, and customers landed lots of nice fish last week in the 16-17 inch range.  You might hit  some slow periods when the fish are on siesta mid day, persistence will pay off. 

It was another week for a hodge podge of files that worked.  With all the green moss on the bottom the olive filoplume was a winner.  We saw trout with bellies full of moss, and they were sometimes very interested in mouthing a fly that looked like that green gook in search of scuds or sowbugs.  You needed to make sure that filoplume was on or near the bottom for success.  Olive wooly buggers and the bug eye bugger sometimes produced the same result.  The midges at the top of the list were the ruby, red, rusty, purple, and black.  Peach eggs, pink San Juan worms, holographic cracklebacks, and the miracle and grey scuds had some good days too.  The fish seem to be hanging close to the bottom no matter what the generation level is. 

Speaking of generation, it was all over the place last week.   We started the week with units off in the mornings and generation of 2-3 units coming on about 2 p.m.  Thursday morning two units were running and the other two generators come up and kept water rising all day.  Then for the most part, we had one or two units on steady for the weekend.  Yesterday we started out with a low one and tail waters around 703.6 and about 2 p.m. two more came on.  This morning the generators are quiet, but expect we will hear some warning horns later, and more units will crank on to product power for our air conditioners. 

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