You Should Have Been Here Yesterday!

What a beautiful day!….Yesterday that is.  Sun was shining and the temperatures got into the low 70s.  We did pick up a hefty breeze around noon, but otherwise, it was a picture perfect day.  Still running 10 flood gates with the 4 generators going and Table Rock Lake is now at 918.8 feet.  Chance for rain tonight and through most of tomorrow.  Friday is supposed to be cloudy, with a slight chance for showers, and the weekend dry and cool (50-60s). 

Jim was out for a half a day with one of our customers from Texas, Randy.  They had a pretty good day on the fur bug, pink San Juan worm, and red midge.  Randy’s best fish was an 18" Rainbow.  Stan had Dave and Debra from Michigan out again this year.  They come for a couple weeks about this time of year, take a trip with us to learn the river, then go out and fish on their own.  They did well on the red midge, and red San Juan worm.  Carolyn had George and Judy from Illinois out for their maiden voyage.  George fly fishes some, but this was Judy’s first time with a fly rod.  She did well with the roll cast and mending.  Once we got her hook setting reflexes up to speed, she did well hooking and bringing in the trout.  They had a good day on the red, size 12 San Juan worm.  George out fished her, but she out did him on size of trout.

Judy – 10/20/09

George – 10/20/09


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