Rain – Table Rock Up – Guess What!

We have had a lot of rain off and on since Saturday.  And, as a result, Table Rock Lake is now up to 917.1′.  It came up a foot in just a little over one day.  So, guess what.  Generation is also up.  Had the water off three hours Monday morning, then ramped up to four generators by noon.  Off until 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, then ramped up to 3 for the rest of the day.  Two going this morning until 10:00 a.m. when they turned on another and now (2:20 p.m.) we have four going with a level of 708.9′.  Doubt that we will see much, if any wading for the next couple days.  This weekend will be a surprise.  Hope it is a good one.  Chances of rain in the forecast until Saturday, when we should see some sun.  However, they forcast rain the past two days and we have lucked out both days….no rain. 

Stan on the water for half day float with Bruce from Colorado.  Told him he really didn’t have to come this far to fly fish, but think they like it here.  They had a very good day on the size 18 Ruby midge under the Big Ugly. 

Tuesday, Carolyn had two of her regulars, Alan & Heidi out for a half a day.  Everyone was excited as they got on the water as there was no generation.  Passed one of our customers, Donna, as we were rowing up toward the "Gauntlet", and she advised she had been having a wonderful morning stripping the crackleback.  Just got a little ways above her and the first horn sounded.  That was the end of that.  Made it up to the "Gauntlet" before the second horn sounded.  When it did, the water turned to chocolate milk!  Took a little while for the water to run through and turn back to normal color and when it did, we found some fish and had a good catching day.  Best patterns were a size 12 or 14 Hot Pink midge with a tungsten bead head, size 18 copper dun and Ruby midges.  We’re going to try it again tomorrow.

Darrell took Jerry and Gail from Texas on a half day drift today.  Started out a little slow, but when they found the right combination of fish and the pattern they wanted, they had a fun, fish catching morning on the Ruby midge and the holographic green crackleback.  As with most new fly fishers, Gail caught the most and largest fish!


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