I Repeat – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Yes, we did have a couple days without rain, but woke up this morning to rain, then thunder and some lightening.  Looks like it might be clearing up, but the wind is definitely letting it know it is here again today.  Yesterday, we had 30 mph gust during the day.  Still have slight chances for rain every day this coming week, except for Tuesday.

Pretty much non-stop generation since last Monday until yesterday, Saturday.  Also off again today and supposed to be off in the morning tomorrow…….we’ll see.

Fishing  continued to be slow even after the generator had been on for several days.  I said in my last report that I thought fishing would improve (which it normally does) after they have had the units going to several days.  No so this time.  It continued to be a bit of work to get those trout.

Jim had Wayne from Hawaii, on the river Wednesday.  He was scheduled to go also last Monday but the rain kept them off the river.  Fished tough, and Jim said their was no best pattern.

Thursday, Jerry from Kansas spent the morning with Stan.  Jerry is a new trout fly fisher and did well, especially for the conditions……rainy, 7300 cfs at a

Jerry - 6/12/14

Jerry – 6/12/14

level of 708 feet elevation above sea level.  Worked hard and caught fish on the copper dun and black copper head midges.  Jim had a couple new fly fishers, Jamie and Travis from Webb City, on the river.  Leaned a lot and caught fish on the black, copper dun and red midges.

Darrell and Carolyn took John, Vicki and Alyssa out Friday.  More of the same, only a little more water than on Thursday.  Darrell had John and they caught some fish on the big ruby midge.  Vicki and Alyssa went with Carolyn.  Vicki has done some fly fishing in the past, but this was Alyssa’s first time.  They both did well despite the

John - 6/13/14

John – 6/13/14


less than wonderful water conditions.  It was the big ruby with a size 16 hot hare’s ear dropper.

Dana had Jim, from Texas on the water for half a day.  They too worked for their fish and caught them on the CQ and holographic green crackleback.

Alyssa - 6/13/14

Alyssa – 6/13/14