Gorgeous Weather!

Reminder – April 21!!  Check out our women’s event at:  http://www.riverrunoutfitters.com/upcoming-events/

We are looking at the possibility of low 70s today and tomorrow, and 60s into early next week.  One cooler day, low 50s, Tuesday then back to upper 50s or low to mid 60s.  Chances for showers in the morning.  This just keeps dropping so we’ll see.  Also chances for showers both Sunday and Monday.

Still generation almost 24/7.  We are seeing lower flows during the late morning.  Today it is projected at 75 mwh which means about 4500-5000 cfs.  Still puts the river a little over 4 feet higher than real wadeable water.  All we can do is hope that trend continues and they get it back to the 35 mwh or off some time soon.

Stephen and Anthony on the water with James all day Monday and had a great day.  Real good luck stripping the JQ streamer on a 5 ips sinking leader and driving the ruby 2 or red d-ribbed midges.

Spey/switch rod clinic still has openings.  Give us a call if you would like to sign up.