All Four Generators Back In Service

Pretty cool today, but supposed to be in the low 60s tomorrow and Sunday.  However, Sunday has the best chances for some rain.  Next Monday and Tuesday look great!  Upper 60s Monday and low 70s Tuesday and no rain.  Once we hit Wednesday, rain chances sneak back into the picture.  But, temperatures will be great.

Got all four generators back into service so the generation pattern the past few days has been four units and two spillways partially open.  Pretty much no change in the amount of water that has been running over the past several weeks.

Hear the fishers at the outflows have been doing well.  With the nice weather coming up early next week, I may go out and check the rest of the river!

Don’t forget, if you need something, just give us a call or e-mail and we’ll provide curbside service or put in the the mail to you!!  This too shall pass.  Stay safe and healthy!