Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Boy!  We got dumped on early this morning.  Probably quit raining here at the shop around 11:00 a.m. and is still very overcast.  Forecast says we should see some clearing late.  Friday is going to be low 60s, with low 70s Saturday and low 80s Sunday!  Nest week looks like 70s but some chances for showers Tuesday through Friday.  Cross your fingers.  We don’t need any more rain.

Still running 2 units 24/7.  With the rain we have had, Table Rock Lake is back up above 915 again and still going.  Sure we’ll continue to see at least two units for a while more.

Jim on the river Tuesday with Dave and Tom from North Carolina.  Two units running that day and it fished tough.  They did land some fish stripping the tiger tail.  Nymph type fishing was tough!

Wednesday Jim took Kelly, from Montana, out for the day.  Fishing was spotty but they brought in several on the tiger tail and the ruby midge.  Think this was a lot different fishing than what he is used to out in Montana!

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