Dogwoods Are Blooming!

The weather is looking great except for Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.  60s both of those days and rain are projected.  However, 70s and even 80s are showing up the rest of the time.  Red buds have been blooming and starting to fall off, but the dogwoods are coming on fast and should be in full bloom within just a few more days.

Had a couple days of no generation in the afternoon, but after the rain we just got, it took the lake level back up above 915 so they have run 24/7 the past two days.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of the week will do and hope we don’t get a bunch more rain.

Fishing has been very good so we hope things will settle down and everyone can get out there and do some wading.


Larry – 041119

Gina on the water last Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday with Larry and Andrew.  Lots of WIND! but that didn’t hurt their catching any.  Big ruby with the

Andrew – 4/11/19

ruby 2 dropper and when they got an opportunity to pull streamers, it was a JQ or tiger tail.   One of Dana’s regulars, Jeff, was out with him Thursday.  They had, as Jeff put it “one of his top five trips” this day.  They were fishing the ruby 2.

Friday, Darren took Clay  and Rick out for

George – 4/12/19

the day.  Of course, another great day.  Cerise or red San Juan worms,

and the P&P midge.  Also on the water were JP and his father, George.  They spent half a day with

JP – 4/12/19

Dana.  Lots of catching on the ruby 2 and a red SanJuan worm.  Both Friday and Saturday, Robert and his wife, Gerrie spent two half days on the water with Gina.  Friday was a pretty day, but Saturday we had some more wind, and overcast, so it was a bit nippy.  Other than that,

Rob – 4/13/19

they had a couple great days catching on

Gerrie & Gina – 4/13/19

the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Just like all the other days, they were running two generators so they had around 6500 cfs on the trip.  Gary and his friend, Gerry were on the water with Dana.  They had wanted to do a full day, but this was the day they forecast heavy rain around noon so the trip was cut back to half a day.  As it turned out, we got a little rain around 1:30, but the heavy stuff did not come in until later….and it was heavy for a while!  The guys had a good day on ruby 2 under the big ruby and an orange egg pattern.  JP and George spent another day on the water Saturday with Carolyn.  Lots of catching on the ruby 2 or red San Juan worm under the big ruby.  Too busy catchin for pictures, but they got a couple pics when they were out with Dana on Friday.

Darren out Monday with Joel and Harold from Minnesota.  This was Harold’s first time fly fishing and he had a good time and caught fish on the Tungsten red San Juan worm, the ruby 2 and the P&P midges.


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