Shame On You If You Haven’t Been Out Enjoying This Weather!

Wow!  Upper 60s and low 70s the past few days.  And it’s just early February.  Think we will be back to reality by tomorrow, then another nice day, then some more not so nice days.  The weather forecasters keep threatening more rain.  We will enjoy what we can get!!

Not much to say about the water flow.  It has been non-stop since late December.  For the past several days, we have seen four units going at an equivalent flow of a high two units.  Every once in a while they’ll kick it up to the equivalent of three units.

Enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday.  Carolyn on the water with Ben and Bill from Iowa.  These two new fly fishers had baptism by fire as they were on this high water.  Makes everything a little more challenging.  However, we had a great, fun day!  Who wouldn’t when it’s shirt sleeve weather.  Little wind here and there kept blowing us off drift, but they persevered and caught

Ben – 20 inch rainbow – 2/3/19

fish on the cerise worm under the big ruby, stripping a mini scuplin, or a red or black d-ribbed midge under the big ruby on the high bank side drifting out.

Bill’s first on fly rod – 2/3/19

Ben is probably pointed on his first trip as he managed to bring in a beautiful 20 inch rainbow!  Bill’s first on a fly rod was a wild trout and he followed up with several more, nicer size ones!  Think he likes it.



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