Hope Everyone Survived Thanksgiving Dinner!

What a beautiful Thanksgiving Day!  There were quite a few fishers who took advantage of the gorgeous day.  However, today is a cool, rainy day today.  Back to reality.  It is November.  We are in for a few more nice days.   Saturday looks like an even better day that yesterday.  Highs in the 60s….upper! and lots of sunshine.  Sunday is not bad, highs in the mid 50 and sunshine early.  Looks like the afternoon might cloud up.  Monday and Tuesday are sunny and temperatures mid 40s Monday and low 50s Tuesday.  Rain chances show up again by Thursday.

Still running a low one unit all day.

Jim out with Bob and Mike this past Monday.  They had a good day on the JQ streamer and the hot hare’s ear nymph.

Chet – 11/20/18

Tuesday, Carolyn took Chet and Chris out for half a day.  Chris is fairly new to fly fishing, but

Chris – 11/20/18

after a few fish on his line, it didn’t take him long to pick it up.  Very good day for these guys mainly on the ruby 2 midge.


Darren on the water Wednesday with Rick and his son, William.  They had a good, fun day on the ruby 2 midge.  Darren worked a little with William on line management and William

did the rest by catching fish!  Carolyn had

Jacque – 11/21/18

Jacque and his son-in-law, Jason on the water.  They had a really good day on the ruby 2, and later in the day the black copperhead midge under either a red d-rib

Jason – 11/21/18

midge or the lightning bug.  Very little slack time for these guys.


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