Water Off This Morning!

Yep!  We just steamed past Spring.  Temperatures in the mid to upper 80s all the way through most of next week.  By next weekend, looks like 90s will be the norm.  Chances for scattered showers over the next four days.

Seeing some lower flows during the morning hours the past several days.  Today, however, it was off until noon then they turned on the equivalent of two units.  They should shut down around 8:00 p.m. and we’ll have to wait until the report comes out this afternoon to see what they will be doing tomorrow.  My guess would be that we’ll see low or no flow in the a.m and they fill fire up something early afternoon.  Especially with all this warm weather.  Need that power!

Vicki – 5/18/18

Carolyn out last Wednesday with Bill and Vicki from Oklahoma.  Started out in the early afternoon on Wednesday and as soon as we hit the water, they fired up another generator.  Had to take a break as the water trashed up so bad one could not keep their fly clean.  Once it cleared up, we managed to catch a few fish on the ruby 2 under an apricot egg pattern.  They didn’t get enough, so we went out again for the whole day on Friday.  Much

Bill – 5/18/18

better day.  Lots of fish on the ruby 2 either under the big ruby or the apricot egg.  Low flow in the morning.  We broke for lunch when they added another unit and by the time we were ready to fish again, water had cleared and fish were biting.

Gary and his friend, Barry fished half day with Stan last Thursday and again on Friday.  Good days on the ruby 2 under the egg pattern.

Harlan from Indiana spent all day Saturday on the water with Stan.  He did well on the ruby 2 under the apricot egg pattern.

Jim – 5/21/18

Monday, Barbara and Jim fished all day with Carolyn.  They just finished the Orvis 2-day fly fishing school and wanted to used what they had learned.

Barbara in the zone

Good day on the water for them using the cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby.

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