Great Fishing!

Looks like we are in for a bout of rain tomorrow.  Current forecast is for 2-3 inches tomorrow with temperatures in the low 60s.  Wednesday is upper 50s with possibility of light rain in the afternoon.  Slight chance for rain Thursday, but right now, Friday has some sun peeking out and low 60s.  Right now, the forecast for the weekend is 50/50 as far as rain.

We have seen low generation the past four days!  Tomorrow – and I’ll believe this when I see it – it is supposed to be off until 7:00 p.m.

Dick – 3/21/18

Lots of trips on the water the past few days.  James on the water last Wednesday with Dick from Kansas.  Another good day for Dick on the ruby 2 under with a lightning bug or an apricot pattern.  Kerry, from California, spent the day with Stan.  They too caught on the ruby 2 but under the big ruby.

Thursday, James took Kevin and Fred, out for the day.  Awesome day for these two fly fishers on the ruby 2 under the lightning bug.  Fishing

Kevin – 3/22/18

was so good from the boat ramp up, they never left the area.

Fred – 3/22/18

Carolyn had Jim and his son Andrew in the classroom Thursday for the River Run 2-day fly fishing school.  Worked on all the basic stuff then went to the water and worked on casting.  Friday it was back to the water to work on casting a little then graduation time when you get a fly.  Each of them tied on a ruby 2 and wasn’t long until they were working on landing a fish.  Great introduction to the world of fly fishing.  I warmed Andrew that this is not always the case.  Beginners luck!  One of his first was a nice male bow.

Andrew – 3/22/18


Jim – 3/24/18

They hadn’t had enough so we went out on a full day guide trip Saturday.  More fish this day, but certainly not as many quality fish as we caught on Friday.  Almost everything was on the ruby 2 under a lightning bug.  Jim also caught a few stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Wonderful day for both of them.

Stan and James had a group out both Saturday and Sunday from Oklahoma.  Stan Rob & Steve the first day and James took Mike and Curt.  They swapped boats the second day.  Two great days for all of them on….you got it…..the ruby 2!  They also caught some on the black copperhead.  Mike and Curt were new fly fishers, but they caught on pretty quickly.  Nice day Saturday, but a bit nippy the second day.  Didn’t stop them, they all had a fun time.


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