Ladies! Mark Your Calendars!

Great weather this week.  After a nasty weekend of freezing rain and temperatures in the 20s during the day and teens at night and early morning, I’m glad to say we might see 70s on Thursday.  The down side of that is there also might be some moisture.  We will see.  We have had moisture forecast several times over the past two weeks and very little, if anything has happened.  Fortunately for the Branson area, the freezing rain was no where as nasty as a little north (Springfield) of us.  Next weekend will not be as warm as it will be during this week, but still pretty good for February.  Saturday should be in the upper 40s and Sunday looks like 50s.

As I mentioned in last report, 30 mwh seems to be the new norm for “0” generation.  If I remember correctly, they did this same thing last year about this time for the projection schedule.  Anyway, we have had 3-4 units running in the early morning for 3-4 hours then it has be shut down around 10:00 or 11:00 a.m.  Yesterday they turned on a unit at 5:00 p.m.

Fished with a friend Friday and we had a great, fun time.  Most of the fish were caught on the Ruby 2 until later in the day when they flat shut down on this one.  Dawn fished a size 16 gray scud for a while and did well on this.  Stripping was not great, but we didn’t fish this way very long.

The River Runner Women’s Fly Fishing Club will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary on April 21, 2018 here at the fly shop.  We started with 12 ladies are now well over 100 members.  “Fishing is our Mission” and we have certainly accomplished that over the past ten years.  It has been a great group to fish with, learn new things, fish new places and just support each other while enjoying our love for fly fishing.  We are hoping for an exciting celebration with lots of activities and definitely lots of fishing.  We would welcome any of you ladies who are not certain fly fishing is for you, or those of you just getting started and/or have been doing it forever to join us with this celebration.  Come help us with our “Mission”.

Our Agenda is a work in progress, but we will gather at the fly shop Friday evening for a “Meet and Great” gathering.  Saturday will be filled with activities and lots of fishing.  Mark your calendars.  We will keep you updated.

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