Nippy Days On The Water

Temperatures the past several days have been on the cool side.  Shouldn’t complain as it is more normal that we had been having.  Days have maybe hit the mid 50s and with the overcast skies and wind kicking up, it has been nippy!  Looks like the trend for most of this week.  They are saying chances of rain by Wednesday.  Might see low 70s Friday, but overall, temperatures in the 50s.

More off generation than on over the past week.  They had projected low two units for this morning, but we have not seen any generation this morning.  Maybe something this afternoon.

Gina on the water last Tuesday both Bob and Craig.  Pretty good day for this father/son competition.  Dad won with fish to the boat.  It was the black copperhead, and ruby 2 midges.  Did catch a few stripping the JQ streamer.

Thursday, James took Mark out for the first of his two-day booking.  They had a good day on the black copperhead midge, t5he big ugly and stripping the crackleback.

Mark – 11/10/17

Friday was another good day for Mark, again on the black copperhead midge and the big ugly.  Even caught a pretty brown.

Saturday, Stan had Robert and Tina out for their anniversary.  Their best pattern was the black copperhead midge.

Pam – 11/11/17

Pam and Tiffany were out

Tiffany – 11/11/17

with James.  Pretty good day on the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges.  Chip and DaWain  spent Saturday on the water with Carolyn.  Little water running when we hit the water so it was a black copperhead or ruby 2 midge under the #16 red

DaWain – 11/11/17

tungheaD-ribbed midge.  Didn’t take long for Chip to take the lead.  However, before the morning was over, DaWain did a hurt on the fish and they probably wound up about even at the end of the day.

Back on the water for Chip and DaWain again Sunday with Carolyn.  Another Chip hitting fish to the point we threatened for pitch him out of the boat.  Even

Chip – 11/12/17

with the overcast day, the P&P was the midge of choice for most of the morning.  Finally, they shut off the P&P and the black copperhead midge took over.   David and Chris fished with James.  Started off pretty slow,

David – 11/12/17

but they started catching later in the morning on an apricot egg with the black ruby midge dropper.





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