That Time Of The Year….Good Days and Tough Days!

Weather could not be nicer.  Temperatures in the upper 70s and low to mid 80s.  And, it looks like we are in store for more through this week and into next week.

Generation has been a bit spastic, or I should say, generation schedule and actual generation has been a bit spastic the past few days.  Not sure what is happening until you get to the water.  Overall, low or no water at some time during the morning then ramping up with the equivalent of one unit, then two before the day is over.

Monday before this past one, Jim was on the water with Marge and Price.  Good day for them on the tiger tail, ruby midge and the Hot Hare’s ear nymph.  It was another one of those up and down days on generation.

Miriam – 8/24/17

Thursday, Tom and Miriam spent the morning on the water with Carolyn.  This was Miriam’s first time with a fly rod.  It was one of those slow days.  One unit on at put-in and three by the time we came off.  We would find a small pod of fish and get several hits and land a fish or two, then nothing for a while.  And, we did get Miriam her first trout on a fly rod!!  Best patterns were the P&P or ruby 2 under a lightning bug.  Paula was on the water with Gina.  She had been out with Gina several time over the past several years.  They started their morning with the tiger tail.

Paula – 8/24/17

Nothing steady but they were getting hits.  Caught a few on the ruby 2, but the highlight of the trip was the last fish of the days caught on a purple hopper pattern!  What a way to finish the day!

Peter spent Friday morning on the water with Carolyn.  Started out a little slow, but then it took off.  Great day on the black copper head and ruby 2 midges.

Dana had Gary from Oklahoma on the water last Saturday.  Tough day, but they caught fish on the JQ streamer and a #12 cerise San Juan worm.  Mike and John had a good day on the water with James.  Best combo was a ruby 2 under a peach egg pattern.

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