Happy Forth of July !!

It is RAINING as I write with chances for rain on and off most of the day.  Nice cool down, however, as the high today will probably be mid to upper 70s.  More chances for rain tomorrow afternoon, slight chances Thursday and Friday and a little better chance again on Saturday.

We had low generation, 50 mwh, yesterday morning and again today.  Around noon, they project that it will go to 100 mwh.  With this low of flow (50 mwh), there are some places below the fish ladder that you can wade.  Probably bump it back up to 100 mwh after the holiday and are still running water 24/7.

Jim – 6/28/17

Lots of fishing and catching this past week.  Gina on the water with Wednesday Jim last week.  They had a good day on the holographic green crackleback and tiger tail.  Also caught some on the big ruby dropped from an egg pattern.

Thursday, Stan took Richard from Florida out for half a day.  Good day for them on the lightning bug or stripping the tiger tail.

Kelly and his son, Ethan, spent Saturday morning on the water with Stan.  Good, fun day for everyone.  Both were catching on the lightning bug under the big ruby or stripping the tiger tail.

Ethan – 7/1/17

Rob and his son-in-law, Jacob spent Sunday on the water with Gina.  This was Jacob’s first fly fishing experience and he did well.  Good day for them on the

Jacob – 7/2/17

crackleback and big ruby under an egg pattern.

Rob – 7/2/17

Dana had Mike, who was a guide in Louisiana, out for half a day.  They had a fun day fishing an ant pattern, swinging an olive soft hackle and stripping the crackleback.  Stan was out with Mike and his son, Anthony.  Both are pretty new to fly fishing so it was a day of refreshing.  Caught fish on the big ruby with the lightning bug dropper and stripping the tiger tail.

Mike and Anthony did not get enough on Sunday, so they were on the water with Stan again on Monday.  Pretty much the same patterns worked for them again.   James Albert had a couple salt water fishers, Arthur and Sandy, on the

Rigley – 7/3/17

water.  He was using the beadhead cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby.  It was a new experience for these guys to not strip set everything.  First time Sandy has caught a rainbow trout on a fly

Joe & Rigley – 7/3/17

rod.  Carolyn had a fun day with Joe and his 7 year old (excuse me, 7-1/2) son, Rigley.  Rigley was a fishing machine.  Pretty much the first time with a fly rod and both did very well from start to finish.  Best flies were the beaded cerise San Juan worm or the white grub under the big ruby.   Gina had one of her regulars, Dale, and his friend, Beth on the water most of

Beth – 7/3/17

the day.  This was Beth’s first time with a fly rod and she did very well.  She really liked pulling the crackleback.  Their other

Dale – 7/3/17

pattern was the big ruby.

Great past few days on the river.  Lots of nice fish and new fly fishers!

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