Fishing Is Awesome! Don’t Believe The Phone No. (417-336-5083) On Actual Generation!!

No rain in the forecast until next Friday.  Until then, it looks like lots of warm, 90s, days.  Pretty sultry out there in the afternoon.

Also, we have had several folks come into the shop to pick up supplies and were quite surprises when we told them the generators were either off or running low.  They have been calling the real-time generation number, 417-336-5083 and hearing that four units are running at 9000 plus cfs.  This number has been incorrect for almost three weeks.  We have contacted several people regarding the problem.  Hopefully it will soon be corrected.  In the meantime, check the real-time charts on the website or give us a call.

We had a couple mornings, Thursday and Friday when the generators were off.  Yesterday, today and, (according to the projection) tomorrow, generation will be somewhere around 35 mwh.  Looking at the actual generation for today, it had been 40-some mwh as well as in the 30s.  This puts the tail water at a 704.9 to 704.2 level which is wadeable in some areas.  Not certain why we are seeing this low generation as all the lakes are still above power pool.  In any event, we are not complaining.

Fishing with no generation on Thursday and Friday was awesome.  Fishing yesterday with the low generation was awesome, and according to fishers coming into the shop to get flies, it is awesome again today.  Stan was on the water Friday with Dan and Shayle.  First time catching trout on a fly rod for Shayla.  They had a great day on the lightning bug and P&P.

Saturday, we had one generator at low flow.  We have not seen this level for a while so we were a bit apprehensive about what the day would bring.  Tori and Jeremy from the St. Louis area spent their first day fly fishing with Stan.  Good day for these two, especially after getting through all the “ins and outs’ of fly fishing on the lightning bug and big ruby.  Benjie spent half a day with Dana.  He had not fished here for a while, but after yesterday, he will probably be fly fishing here a little more.  Good day for him on the ruby 2.  Carolyn had a couple from Kansas, “Mo” and Ralph, on the water for half a day.  Mo is new to fly fishing so we got her started with the roll cast and mending.  Ralph boated the first two fish, but after that he had to work hard to catch a fish before Mo was bringing one into the boat.  What a fun day.  Several doubles, on lightning bug, and also stripping the tiger tail or holographic green crackleback.

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