Lots Of Fishing Going On!

Rain the past two mornings, but it looks like this might be over for the next several days.  Kind of a pleasant change as the last week was a pretty warm week!.  Monday will be mid 80s and then we start to steam again with temperatures in the low 90s until the weekend.

No major change in generation.  Still running 24/7.  However, they have been running it a little lower (50 mwh) in the morning, then jumping up to 100 mwh around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m.  I am pretty sure we will continue to see some type of flow all day for several more days.

Andrew – 6/12/17

Lots of fishing last week.  Carolyn started out the week with Andrew from the St. Louis area.  Good day for him on the ruby 2 under the big ruby or stripping the holographic green crackleback.   Tom, from New Haven, spent half a day with Stan.  They did well on the big ruby with a lightning bug dropper.  He really enjoyed pulling the crackleback on the sinking leader.

Tuesday, Knox and Gabrielle, who were out with Carolyn, hit everything right.  Most fish Knox has caught so far on one outting during his fishing life.

Knox – 6/13/17

Lightning bug or ruby 2 dropper under the big ruby, and you guessed it…..stripping the holographic green crackleback.  This was Gabrielle’s best technique that day.

Wednesday Jim was on the water all day Wednesday with Gina.  A bit tougher that day.  Water was pretty dirty, and the fish were spotty.  But, they had a good day on the

Jim – 6/14/17

crackleback and lightning bug.  Carolyn had a couple new fly fishers on the water, Beth and Frank.  First hook set and I knew Frank was a bass fisher!  Fun day working with them and getting them into a few fish.  So, Frank caught his first fish on a fly rod.  We started with the big ruby and a lightning bug dropper.  As soon as we could find a good seam, we started stripping the crackleback.

Frank – 6/14/17

I loved Beth’s last statement before we started heading in for the day….”just one more cast!”

Beth – 6/14/17

Thursday, James and Stan had a group of geologist who were attending a function in the Branson area.  James had John and Rex and Stan had Jerry and Rich.  They were from all over, Kansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and I think the other one was from Missouri….maybe.  Anyway, they all had a fun morning catching on the big ruby, beadhead cerise San Juan worm, and lightning bug.

Rex – 6/15/17

Carolyn had a mother/son pair on the water.  Gina is just learning and her son, Jase, has done some fly fishing.  We had a fairly slow start to the morning, but did catch some on the normal big ruby with a dropper.  Finally decided

Gina – 6/15/17

we needed more action and the water was at a level where we could do some wading, so we hit some good water and started stripping the crackleback.  Finished up the day strong.  Lots of fun

Jase & Gina – 6/15/17

for both of them and Gina was throwing a pretty good line before we were done.

Beth’s (Wednesday trip) uncle, John and her brother Bruce fished with Carolyn on Friday.  Bruce has spent a lot of time fishing the streams in Colorado so he got to do a lot of dry fly fishing.  A little culture shock here fishing

Bruce – 6/16/17

with midges and pulling other critters.  Good day and he had fun with the streamer stripping after he got the hang of it.  John and Bruce did some major

Bruce, Carolyn & John – 6/16/17

damage on the fish that day.

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