Blue Bird Day Today!

Absolutely gorgeous day today!  Sun is out, very light wind and it is 76 degrees at noon.  It might make 80!  More nice weather for the rest of the week….70s and 80s.  By the weekend, we see some chances for showers.

No change in water flow.  Still 24/7.  Some mornings it has been 50 mwh so there is a little opportunity for wading up near the Hatchery.  However, it doesn’t last all day.  Some time during the morning they will bump it up to 100 mwh and usually 150 later in the day.  ‘

Jeff 6/17/17

Still seeing lots of trips.  Last Saturday, James Albert took Jeff, from Oklahoma, out for half a day.  Good day for Jeff on the big ruby with a beadhead Cerise San Juan worm dropper, or stripping the filoflume.  Jeff caught his first fish stripping on this trip.  Fun!   Doug and Dixie spent the morning on the water with Jim.  They are fairly new, so Jim spent time working with them on skills.  They caught their fish on the pink San Juan worm and stripping the tiger tail.  Dana had Martin on the water.  He was catching on the holographic green crackleback, lightning bug and orange egg pattern.  Not only did he catch trout, but he also caught a couple blue gills!  Gary and Jerry spent the day on the water with Stan.  Good day for these guys on the big ruby with a lightning bug dropper or stripping the crackleback.

Sunday, Jeff and Brett fished late in the morning with Stan.  We had some unexpected rain show up that morning, so they waited until around noon before going out.  First time fly fishers, but they both brought in fish on the Big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.

Keith – 6/19/17

Keith and Bill from Wisconsin fished all day with Gina on Monday.  Very good day for them on the big ruby, an egg pattern

Bill – 6/19/17

and stripping the crackleback.  These two were here fore the Vietnam Vet reunion.  Thank you guys!!  Jim and Stan had a group of guys, one of whom we know was from Pennsylvania on the water.  Rick and Jason were with Jim.  Jay and his son, Gus were with Stan.  Really good day for all of them on the tiger tail, cerise San Juan worm, big ruby, lightning bug and crackleback.  Jay and Gus became new strippers.  Really liked it.

Gina – 6/21/17

Wednesday, Gina and Bill fish with Carolyn again.  Gina had just retired and was enjoying it.  Good day on the cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby and stripping the tiger tail.

Good day for everyone on Thursday when we took a group of guys here on a corporate gathering.  Dana had Scott and Paul.  Plenty of fish for them on the lightning bug, and beaded

Chris – 6/22/17

cerise San Juan worm.  John fished with Carolyn.  Of course, he got to strip.  We pulled the tiger tail and did well on that.  Also caught several on the big ruby and beaded

cerise San Juan.  James had a couple of new fly fishers, Chris and Kelly.  They did great,

Kelly – 6/22/17

especially for new guys, on the big ruby and beaded cerise San Juan.




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