Three Gates And Four Generators!

More rain in the forecast for tonight.   Everyone just cross your fingers that it is not a lot of rain.  Chances of rain again tomorrow morning then scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Sunday and Monday look dry, but 50% chance of rain shows up again Tuesday.  A few dry days again, but rain showing up over the weekend.  As always, this will change

Still running 3 flood gates and they now have all four generators up and running.   Don’t expect to see much change unless we get a lot more rain.

Good news is that fishing has been good.  Jack had a good time last Saturday so he went out again with Dana on Tuesday.  He had a fun half-day trip catching on the ruby 2 or a size 16 lightning bug.  One of Stan’s regulars, Ken spent Tuesday on the water with him.  Good day on the holographic green crackleback and the lightning bug under the big ruby.

Jim – 5/17/17

Wednesday Jim spent the day fishing with Gina.  Good day for him on the crackleback or wooly bugger and the lightning bug.  The big negative that day was the WIND.  It was relentless.  They were blown off anchor several times and if that wasn’t the problem, they were blowing around in circles.

Dave and his friend Craig spent Thursday on the water with Carolyn.  Fun day for these two guys on the big ruby with the red tunghead midge dropper, or stripping an olive leech, holographic

Crappie – 5/18/17

green crackleback or the floozie.  Lots of nice fish but the one everyone was most impressed with was the nice crappie we hooked stripping the floozie. We were ready to catch supper.  Stan was out all day with Gary and Barry from north of here in Missouri.  They were catching on

Barry – 5/18/7

the lightning bug a stripping a holographic green crackleback.  They had another full day scheduled on Friday but Stan came off early as it was looking mighty dark in the sky.  Didn’t want to get caught on the water in a storm.  All the fish were catching are really nice and fat.

Gary – 5/19/17

Harry and Carl from Carthage spent the day on the water with James.  Good day for these guys too.  Their best patterns were the big ruby, a beadhead red San Juan worm and stripping the tiger tail.

Carl – 5/18/17

Harry – 5/18/17

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