The Fish Don’t Mind The High Water!

Beautiful, sunny, warm day today…probably low 80s.  Friday looks nice also with party cloudy and mid 80s.  Possibility of scattered showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Saturday is our best chance for showers and/or thunderstorms.  Some showers in the morning on Sunday, then cloudy most of the day.  By Monday, it looks like low 80s and clear.  Mid-week 50% chances of showers are currently showing up.

No change in the water.  Still have 10 flood gates and 3-4 generators almost 24 hours/day.  Water is clear.

Julie - 5/22/17

Julie – 5/22/17

Joe and his sister, Julie on the water Monday with Gina.  Good day for them on the holographic green crackleback (of course),

Joe – 5/22/17

the JQ and ruby 2 midge.  Joe is pretty new to fly fishing and did great in the extreme conditions of high water.

Tuesday, Mike from Iowa, spent half a day fishing with James.  Good day for Mike on the big ruby with a BH San Juan

Mike – 5/23/17

worm dropper, or stripping the tiger tail.  Stan had a couple of his regular, regulars, Gary and Bob out for their first half day.  They had caught (and missed) a lot of fish on the lightning bug and stripping the holographic green crackleback.

Gary and Bob did not get enough on Tuesday, so they went out again on Wednesday.  More of the same.  Another good day on the lightning bug and holographic green crackleback.  Carolyn took Bob and his friend Bob (two Bobs in one boat was confusing) out for half a day.  Tried to wear then out stripping the holographic green crackleback, tiger tail and finally a 56er on either a 3 ips or 5 ips sinking leader.  Caught a few drifting the cerise worm under the

Chad – 5/24/17

big ruby, but it was the stripping that really produced the most fish.  Fun day!  James had Chad and his father-in-law, Robert on the water

Robert – 5/24/17

all day.  They had a good day on the BH San Juan worm, a peach egg, and stripping the tiger tail.  Gina took Wednesday Jim to a lake in Arkansas where they had an great day catching good size blue gill, Redear, green sunfish and long ear or pumpkinseed.  They used lots of different size 10, 1/100th jigs in various bright colors.   They were ready for some nice, calm water  for a change.



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