Still Running Flood Gates

Chances for some rain tomorrow morning and again on Friday morning.  Let’s hope it is not a gully washer.  Good news is that I have not heard it will be a gully washer, but could have some heavy hail in places.  After that, we’re in for sunny skies for a few days… least into next week.

Still have ten flood gates open a little and three generators for a total of about 23,600 cfs.  We are a little over one food below flood pool, but still over 13 feet above desired power pool for this time of year.  We’ll definitely see all the generators for a while.  Not certain when they will shut down the flood gates.

Boats on the water Monday and yesterday.  Monday, James took his parents, Albert and Dawn out for a test run.  Got a call from them mid-way through their trip and they were catching fish!  Nice, fat fish.  Fun day for them on the worm brown San Juan worm and the white grub.

Jim out with John from Florida yesterday.  Good day for them on the hot hare’s ear nymph and stripping a size 8 tiger tail.  They did experience from dirty water in places they wanted to fish, but once they found clean water, the catching was on.

If you can get on the river in a boat, you will probably catch some fish.  They are still there and definitely feeding!

I promised a fly tying schedule this past weekend.  Some other issues have popped up, but we still plan to hold a few fly tying clinics.  Right now we are trying to adjust to a schedule of fly fishing schools we will be having over the next few months.

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