No Generation All Weekend!

Weather is gorgeous and the generators are idle.  Looks like we will continue to see temperatures in the 70s for the next couple weeks.  However, we are seeing possibility of showers scattered throughout the next couple weeks.  Tomorrow is showing thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Thursday’s forecast has some thunderstorms in it.  Low percentages throughout the week and by the weekend, Sunday has a 60% (right now) chance of thunderstorms in the a.m.  As we all know, this is a moving target.

No generation all weekend.  They shut the generators down Friday afternoon and they are still off.  According to the projection, we will not see any generation until tomorrow afternoon.  I’m holding my breath as I know Mondays are always up for grabs.

This past Tuesday, Jim and Carolyn had a group out for half a day.  Jim had Price and Marg who have fished with him for well over ten years.  Nice day on the water.  Turned out a little cooler than

Shirley – 4/4/17

predicted and a bit of an upstream wind.   Fortunately, the fish kept everyone’s minds off the weather.  Good day for Price & Marge on the baby ruby, a #16 hot hare’s ear nymph and stripping the bug eye bugger.   Carolyn’s couple, Oscar and Shirley had a good day also on the Ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.

Oscar – 4/4/17

This was their first time with a fly rod and both of them did very well.

Saturday, Carolyn took JP and Eric out for half a day.  What a hoot of a day.  Lots of fish on the black copperhead midge, ruby 2 and later in the day, the P&P.

Eric – 4/8/17

We finished up the afternoon stripping the Tiger Tail with a holographic green crackleback trailer.  After nymphing most of the trip, JP and Eric enjoyed this.  Great way to finish the trip.

JP – 4/8/17

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