Looks Like Rain For A Few Days!

If our weather forecasters are correct, looks like we are in for some rain over the next three days.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all showing over 75% chances for rain.  That’s pretty good.  Temperatures are going to take a nose dive on Saturday into the mid 50s.  A bit chilly!  After that, however, it’s back into the 70s and chances for rain are slim until Thursday next week and that is only a 30% chance.

Generation has been a little spastic.  No, not the schedules, but what they are doing compared to the schedules.  So far this week, they have turned the generators on about two hours earlier than projected.  I know, it’s only a projection.  Anyway, it was supposed to be off today until 1:00 p.m. and I think it came on at 11:00 a.m.

Mike – 4/17/17

What a great day Monday.  It was overcast and there were periods of a real light drizzle, but the temperature was pleasant and very little wind until later in the afternoon.  Carolyn had one of her regulars on the river, Mike from Oklahoma.  He is working really hard at becoming a more permanent Branson resident.  Until he does, he really enjoys getting on the river and enjoying some good conversation and observing the great outdoors.  No great expectations on catching fish, just likes to be outside.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, he did not get to observe a whole lot of the great outdoors as he was pretty busy catching fish on

Momma saved the day!

either the Tiger Tail or the holographic green crackleback…..his favorite way to fish.  We did get to observe one really neat thing while on the water.  A mother hooded merganser was swimming by us with her ten ducklings close behind her when a bald eagle swooped down to try and take a duckling.  Mother jumped up in the air making awful squawking sounds, even outdoing my yelling.  With all the commotion, the eagle flew off without dinner!  He sat up in a tree for a short period of time and must have swallowed his pride as he eventually flew away.

Tuesday, James took a father/son, Vaughn and Tyler, from Texas out for half a day.  Brand new fly fishers.  They were catching some fish on the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper.  They had so much fun, they went out again this morning.  Slow start to the morning, but finally the fishing picked up and it was the big ruby with either the ruby 2 or little ruby dropper.  Little ruby seemed to work better than the ruby 2 today.  Another fun day for these guys.  Vaughn said he thinks he has a new hobby.  LOL

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