Busy Week!

Sill having great weather.  Temperatures still in the 0s-80s.  Chances are picking up for rain Sunday and a lesser chance on Monday.  Next week, temperatures are holding but Thursday through Saturday all have better than a 50% chance for rain.  We’ll see…..

Generation pretty consistent until today.  They were showing 35 mwh all day….here we go again!  When we checked this morning around 7:00 a.m. nothing was running.  Well, that didn’t last long.  Water came on around 11:00 a.m. and bounced around most of the afternoon.  Projection for Saturday is 35 mwh all day.

Our group of guys from Texas, California and New York were here over last weekend and most of this week.  They had some great fishing on the river Saturday.  Sunday they went to Roaring River and it fished pretty good for most of them.  Monday we had the flotilla on

Dan’s Brown – 4/10/17

the river.  James took Dan and Larry.  Great day for these guys on the copper dun and ruby 2 midges under the big ruby.  Finished up their afternoon stripping the Tiger Tail.  Stan had Roger and Don.  They had a good day too on the ruby 2.  Rich and Russ fished with Dana and they pulled a lot of fish on the ruby, copperhead back midge and either a beaded red San Juan worm or red size 12 midge under the big ruby.  Bringing up the rear was Jim with Lou and Tom.  Ruby or copper dun midges, hot hare’s ear and stripping the Tiger Tail.  Carolyn had

Brian – 4/10/17

Brian & Bess – another of several doubles

a couple from the St. Louis area, Brian and Bess.  They were just a few days past their first year anniversary (married April 1, 2016).  Fun day for these two on the ruby 2 and hot hare’s ear.   All the boats were really hitting fish and they decided to crank on at least a couple units.  Water trashed up so bad you could not keep your flies clean.  I think most of us anchored up somewhere and had lunch.  After the water cleared, we also finished up our afternoon stripping the Tiger Tail.

Wednesday, Jim took Derek from Illinois out for half a day.  Good day of fishing with the P&P, blood worm, and hot hare’s ear.

Friday was the funny water day.  Off when a couple of the boats hit

Scott – 4/14/17

the water but not for long.  Tough morning.  Good news was that it did improve after the water had been on for a while.  James had Scott from the St. Louis area.  With all the water, it was the big ruby with the ruby 2 dropper.   Jim had David out for half a day.  They were catching on the baby ruby, P&P, blood worm, hot hare’s ear and Tiger Tail.  Stan had a fun day with Scott and his daughter Anna.  Both are fairly new to fly fishing so this was an experience.  Tough morning for them, but they

Anna – 4/14/17

finally started stripping the holographic green crackleback and had a good day.  Both really liked this way of fishing, especially Anna.

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