All Ten Gates Open Again!

Ten Gates – 4/30/17

We had down pours Friday night into Saturday and it rained almost all day Saturday.  There were times Saturday when you could not see anything in front of you as the rain was so hard.  We did see a little more rain through Saturday night into Sunday morning, and I am seeing a little more rain on radar but no where the intensity we have had.  This also appears to be the last of it for a while.  At least until  Wednesday and Thursday when chances for rain pop up again.  We will need a long dry spell to dry out!

Generation/flood gate pattern had been at 15000+ cfs 24/7.  Friday morning they increased it to 20,000 cfs and today the Corp said releases would range from 40,000 to 60,000 cfs.  I’m sure this will be a moving target as we have not yet seen all the runoff that will come into the system.  Much of the flooding in the area yesterday was due to the runoff hitting the creeks and not the flow from the dam.

Now for more pleasant information.

Jim on the water Tuesday with Karen and her sister, Linda.  This was Linda’s first time and what conditions in which to learn to fly fish!  They had a good day on the ruby midge, hot hare’s ear and the tiger tail.  Bob and his brother Bill, from Texas, fish with Dana.  They were catching well on the holographic green crackleback, the white jig and a ruby 2 midge.   Stan and Carolyn had a group of guys from Illinois.  Rick and Rick fished with Carolyn.  Rick is fairly new, but he held his own.  They were catching on the holographic green crackleback trailing the Tiger Tail.  Also caught some on the cerise worm and lightening bug under the big ruby.  Stan’s guys, Steve and his son, Andi were hitting them good on the holographic green crackleback and the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Fun day!

Thursday, Stan took Cory and his mother Gina out for the day.  They had a great day  on the holographic green crackleback and Lightening Bug.  I understand Gina caught the most fish, but Cory caught the largest.  Leroy from Texas spent a late afternoon drift

Leroy – 4/27/17

on the water with Gina.  Fish would not bite on a nymph, but did take some streamers, the crackleback, wooly bugger and tiger tail.

Jim had Michael and Mike, from Texas, on the water Friday.  Pretty slow day for everyone.  They are pretty new to fly fishing so Jim used some of the time to work on their skills.  They really could not find any best pattern.  Carolyn had Keith on the water.  He is fairly new also, and worked a bit on casting.  Using the sinking leaders, he was throwing a pretty good line most of the time with a black wooly bugger and picking a few fish.



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