Good Days….Tough Days….Depends on the Water!

Had a bit of heavy rain this morning and they are expecting more later tonight.  Tomorrow there is a 50% chance of rain (that’s the forecast right now, again, we’ll see).  Nice mid 60s Friday and 70s Saturday with rain moving back into the forecast for Sunday and Monday.  Then, slight chances for next week with temps in the 60s-70s.

Water a little spastic, especially yesterday.  Today it was fairly high early, but they shut it down to one unit early and then off.  Off right now but we’ll probably see some generation around 5:00 p.m.

Mike – 3/26/17

Great day on the water Sunday for Mike who spent half a day with James.  No generation so they fished from what was once the “Big Hole” down to the Rockin Chair.   It was the P&P, ruby 2 and tiger tail.

Tuesday morning saw three units, 6500 cfs and a level of 706+ at put in for James and his two clients, Chris and Craig.  Especially tough morning and this was Craig’s first experience with a fly rod.

Craig – 3/28/17

However, as the day progressed, the water dropped some, then went up, and down, but they pulled off a good day on the tiger tail, big ruby with a black copperhead midge or a peach

Chris – 3/28/17

egg pattern.   Stan had another new fly fisher on the water, Jeff from Alabama.  In their half day outing, they caught some fish on the copper dun under the big ruby.

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