You Should Have Been Here Yesterday!!

Great weather we are having.  Definitely cooler today than over the weekend, especially Saturday when it was in the 80s, but we are still having great weather for this time of the year.  Today, tomorrow and Wednesday will probably be the coolest days we have for over a week.  I see lots of 60s and even 70s in the forecast.

Although the generation projection published over the weekend called for low generation all day, both days, we had zero generation.  Today they projected generation all day with it ramping up this morning for a few hours then backing off to the equivalent of one for the balance of the day.  So far today, they are pretty much on target.

Yes, you should have been here over the weekend.  As I mentioned, the weather was great and  fishing was the same.  The pattern of the day or I should say days, was the Tiger Tail.  I know folks were catching on other patterns, but several fishers came in to tell me they had caught, in some cases, over 100 fish this weekend on the Tiger Tail.  I went out and fished for a couple hours and had an excellent time of solid catching on the Tiger Tail.  Walked off the river with a smile on my face.

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