Wonderful weather, wonderful fishing…..what more could one ask for.  We had an unbelievable weather so far this month.  It looks like Spring here.  Flowers are blooming everywhere as well as the forsythia and several different trees!  Yesterday we hit the 80s.  I had the air conditioning on at the fly shop!  We are now in for a few days of more normal February weather.  High today will be in the upper 50s with the weekend into Monday in the low to upper 50s.  Still now bad.  Monday and Wednesday look like chances for rain with temperatures in the upper 50s.  After that, we go back into the 60s again.

The generation schedule……..  We talked to SWPA to try and find out what they are thinking with their 35 mwh generation schedule.  As I mentioned in jest a couple times in my earlier reports… 35 mwh must be SWPA’s norm for zero.  Well, this is somewhat true.  Not getting into too much detail, what they told us was that they are in a conservation mode right now as all the lakes are down.  Unfortunately for us, Table Rock Dam is the designated source if there is a power need somewhere in the states to which they provide power so they are showing the possibility of generation throughout the day so there are surprises.  What we are really experiencing here on Taneycomo is zero generation almost all day every day.  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, they fired up a couple units for just a couple hours.  If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll let you know what the actual trend has been.

Fishing has been wonderful too.  James on the water all day Tuesday with Paul from here in Missouri.  Paul racked up the fish on a gray scud, ruby 2 and black copperhead midges, and a red soft hackle.  This was Paul’s first time swinging soft hackles.  We think he liked it.

Yesterday, Barry and Norm from Kansas spent half a day wading the area with Gary.  Lots of action for these guys on red soft hackles and hot hare’s ear nymph.  Norm is pretty new, but he is definitely “hooked”.  Meanwhile, Stan was drifting “Doc” from Oklahoma up and down the river.  Good day for Doc on the ruby 2 early, then the hot hare’s ear.

Just a reminder.  We have a spey/switch rod casting clinic on March 25.  This is a neat way to get your line out there with minimal effort.  Give us a call if you’re interested in attending this clinic.



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