Better Be Outside This Weekend!

I heard on the weather channel this morning that we might break records this weekend with our high temperature which should be in the mid 70s!!!  Friday is no dog with temperatures!  Hard to believe this is February.  We will probably get hit with some cold weather pretty soon, but it better hurry up.  The next two weeks look great.  The only cool days in the two week forecast are today and tomorrow.  Otherwise, we’re looking at 50s & 60s with the closest chances for rain popping up week after next.

I think the new norm of zero generation is 35 mwh.  Every day for the past four or five days, we have seen 35 mwh at the minimum with higher numbers usually in the morning.  Every day, at some point during the day, they have turned the generators off so there has been no generation.  Only thing flowing is the in-house generator at 20 cfs.  Not complaining, but it would be nice to have a better clue at what they intend to do.

Fishing has been very good to very bad, depending on where you are fishing.  Talked to several fishers who were out yesterday and they all had a great day……just a few said it was tough.  Fishing different areas.  If you’re not catching up in the hatchery area, move on downstream.

Everyone has been concerned and talking about how low Table Rock Lake is right now.  Just as a bit of trivia, the lowest Table Rock Lake has every been is 881.54′ on December 5, 1965.  Stan and I remembered another low, 893.55′ set March 26, 1981.  We thought that was low!  Fun site if you want to keep track of this kind of information click on:

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