Time To Get Ready For A New Fishing Season



The weather over the next two weeks might make it difficult to stay at home and get ready for the new season.  We might hit the 60s a couple days this coming week.  Unfortunately, right now, Friday and Saturday both look like rain chances and temperatures in the mid 30s to mid 40s.  The following week we are back into the upper 40s to low 50s.  I can take that!

Somewhat of a pattern to the generation right now.  Nothing over the weekend and units running in the a.m. for four hours then nothing for 7-8 hours.

Fishers have been on the water the past three days.  Reports are fishing is pretty good on almost anything.  One fisher yesterday said the only thing he did not catch on was the white mega worm.  A couple other guys had told him that was working, but he couldn’t get a hit.  He did well on the tan scud, ruby 2, tiger tail and a soft hackle.

Back to getting ready for the new season, it’s time to check your fly lines for cuts.  Be sure to check the area around the leader loop.  Clean your line well with line cleaner or wash it in a non-grease cutting dish soap such as Ivory.  Rinse well, dry and put a good line dressing on.  Then….on to tying  up a good stock of flies for the season.  Lots of clubs holding fly-tying events right now as well as many of the fly shops are holding weekly fly tying seasons.  Something to check out.

The spey/switch rod clinic date has now been set.  We have Jim, from Michigan, coming in to do the clinic again  this year.  The date is March 25.  If interested, give us a call to sign up.

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