Very Little Generation The Next Several Days!

Temperatures are going to be pretty good through the Christmas weekend, but it looks like we have3 a couple good changes for moisture.  Tomorrow they are forecasting rain most of tomorrow, but the high will be in the mid 40s.  Saturday is looking like mid 50s and Christmas day we might see mid 60S.  However, Christmas day also have very good chances for showers, thunderstorms and high winds.  Monday it will be sunny and mid 50s.  Best chances for rain show up again by Wednesday next week, but temperatures are staying in the 40s….even low 50s.

Generation this week has been two to three units in the mornings for three to four hours then off until 5:00 p.m. or so for a while then back off until the next morning.  However, the schedule through the next several days is no generation almost every day all day.

Jim on the water yesterday with David from Oklahoma.  David has been fishing with Jim a couple years now and had another fun day yesterday on the baby ruby and stripping the bug eyed bugger.  Gina out with Wednesday Jim and they too had a good day.  They were fishing the Ruby 2, root beer midge and egg pattern.  They were picking a few fish here and there most of the day but action really picked up around 4:00 p.m.  Needless to say, they

Russell - 12/21/16

Russell – 12/21/16

barely got off the water before dark!  Stan had a couple of his guys out again, Russell from Oklahoma and his

Dillen - 12/21/16

Dillen – 12/21/16

friend, Dillen from Kansas City.  They caught all their fish on the Ruby 2 midge.   Even though the temperature hit the upper 40s yesterday, it was cool on the river.

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