It’s a cloudy 46 degrees today and I just can’t get warm.  Monday will not be must warmer, but it should be sunny.  That will help.  Upper 40s for Tuesday and a good chance for rain on Wednesday with temperatures in the low 40s.  Thursday’s high looks like upper 20s with the low in the low teens.  The extra bad news about Thursday is the wind.  20 mph or better.  Friday is sunny and mid 30s.  Saturday low 40s and partly sunny.  Right now, Sunday is showing chances for rain.

Generation schedule over the weekend was running….all weekend.  Most of the time it was fairly low so you could wade in places, but it did move up and down at little.  Generation scheduled for all day tomorrow with a two hour shot at 7:00 a.m. of two full units, then back to a low one unit.   We will see!!!

Wednesday Jim out with Gina this week.  Good day for them on the ruby and ruby two.  Fishing was definitely better than the weather.  They had overcast with light mist off and on all day plus lots of wind.  Based on what the wind did with them, stripping the tan filoplume was good when they could not get a drift with the midges.

Stan had Kevin and Steve out for half a day Saturday.  Another lovely day of cold rain most of the day.  Fishing was pretty good on the ruby and ruby two midges.

The river has been off colored for several days and the oxygen levels seem to be improving.  Looks like the lake is turning.

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