50s Saturday!?!

According to the weatherman, Saturday is supposed to reach the 50s.  That’s the good news.  Then, some kind of moisture will move in later that day and temperatures will drop to the teens!  This puts Sunday at mid 20s…..half the temperature it was the day before.  Fortunately, temperatures are going back into the low to mid 40s by the following Tuesday.

They ran a lot of water this morning for four hours.  Right now it is off and should remain off for seven hours.  Then, kick on a couple units for three hours and ramp down to the equivalent of one unit for a couple hours and off again.

Have had a few brave souls in the shop today to take advantage of the now generation today.  It really is pretty nice outside, for this time of the year.  Right now it is 38 degrees, cloudy and very little, if any, wind.  That’s a big factor….no wind.

Jim on the water Monday with Bob and Mike.  That was the day they messed with the water….a lot.  Even with the funky water, they had a good half day stripping the tiger tail or drifting the baby ruby midge.

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