The shop will be closed:  Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  We will be OPEN New Years Day.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Looks like more normal weather right now.  Highs in the upper 50s or low 60s and we have had some really cold mornings….20s!!  Monday looks nice with low 60s and sunshine.  Chances for rain later in the day Tuesday with low 60s.  Then sunshine through Thanksgiving and upper 50s or low 60s into the weekend.  Next chances for rain looks like Sunday and not really great.  Maybe these cold morning will get Table Rock cooled down so she can turn over.

The generation pattern has been a little off the wall the past few days.  Wednesday they was the pattern we have been seeing for a while….off in the a.m. then on late afternoon for a few hours then off again.  Thursday they ran water up and down all day.  Friday it was off in the a.m. then really cranked it on for about four hours or so.  Both Saturday and today and the projection for tomorrow is more of the same, we have water running up and down all day.  Guess we’re starting to get power needs for heat!

Monday, Stan was on the water all day with Robert from Illinois.  Robert started fishing with us back on 2007.  He missed a couple years, but he’s back and really enjoyed his day on the water.  Morning started out sloooow, but it picked

Kilby - 11/14/16

Kilby – 11/14/16

up and he was catching on the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Carolyn had Rob and Kilby out for the day.  We had the same slow start, but finally started catching on the Ruby 2.

Rob and Kilby spent Tuesday on the water with Stan.  Another tough morning.  They started up the water early and ran it for an hour, then off.  Fished terrible on the drop.  Finally got better when it settled down.  Carolyn had Tom out for half a day.  During the rise, it was a

Tom - 11/15/16

Tom – 11/15/16

cerise San Juan worm.  This worked for a while but when the water settled out, it was back to the Ruby 2 midge.  Caught a couple stripping the holographic silver crackleback.

Jim was out with Gina on Wednesday.  Beautiful weather and good day fishing.  Best pattern was the burgundy

Jim - 11/16/16

Jim – 11/16/16

midge, then the P&P and Ruby 2 midges.

Thursday, Stan took Mike and his friend John out for half a day.  This was a birthday present for Mike.  Another slow start, but it turned out to be a pretty good day on the burgundy and Ruby 2 midges.  Howard and his friend Richard were out with Carolyn.  They too had a slow start, but we managed to have a pretty good day too on the burgundy and Ruby 2 midges.  They also caught some tripping the JQ streamer below Lookout Island.

Friday was brutal!!!  Stan and Carolyn had a group of guys who hunt or play golf in all kinds conditions and they even said it was brutal!  Wind was blowing almost non stop with gusts at what seemed like 30-40 mph!  Carolyn had Jeff and Bob, and Stan took John and

Jeff - 11/18/16

Jeff – 11/18/16

Dave.  The chop on the water was so bad I’m certain we missed several soft takes.  All in all, it turned out to be a good day.  Carolyn’s guys had fun stripping the Tiger Tail or filoplume and catching fish.  Both boats caught on the Ruby 2, P&P and burgundy midges.


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