Trees Are Getting Some Color!

Awesome October weather!  Sunshine and in the 80s yesterday.  Today and tomorrow will again be in the 80s with lots of sunshine.  80s through Wednesday when we also have a chance for showers.  Cool front so temperatures Thursday and Friday will be in the mid 60s then low 70s through the weekend and into Monday.  Sounds nice to me.

Continuing days of no generation in the morning and something coming on around 1:00-2:00 p.m. and staying on for 4-5 hours then off during the week.    This weekend, we had one unit on around 5:00 p.m. with the same scenario for today.  Back to the normal no generation until early afternoon, then on for several hours and back off is the schedule for Monday.  Sounds like more of the same this coming week.

Stan spent last Monday morning on the river with Jack and Mary Kay from Texas.  Fun day with those two on the P&P and olive

Richard - 10/10/16

Richard – 10/10/16

midges.  Greg and Terry from Alabama spent the whole day with Jim.  Good day using the blood worm dropper on either the P&P or Ruby midges.  Still having our best fishing further downstream below the Trophy Run area and down.  Carolyn had Richard and Barbara out again.  Good day for them on the P&P

Barbara - 10/11/16

Barbara – 10/11/16

and copper dun midges.

Tuesday, Jim took a couple of his long-time customers, Price and Marge out for half a day.  They always have fun and even caught fish….thanks to Marge!  P&P with the blood worm dropper or stripping a size 10 bug-eyed bugger.  Carolyn had a couple guys she once worked with at Bayer many moons ago, John and Dave.

John - 10/11/16

John – 10/11/16

Had a slow start, but finished with a bang!  Nothing real big, but several in the 15 inch range.  We started out in the morning with the rusty midge, changed to the P&P, and finished up on the

Dave - 10/11/16

Dave – 10/11/16


Ruby 2.   Stan had Gil and his friend Randy out.  They caught fish on the copper dun and P&P.

Wednesday Jim had a good day with Gina this past Wednesday.  Ruby 2, egg pattern and rusty midge.  Another one of those days where fishing got better the further down stream you went.


Kirsten’s 1st on fly rod – 10/14/15

Another anniversary couple celebrated on the river together.  Derek and Kirsten spent half a day learning a little more about fly fishing with Carolyn.  They are good friends of another couple Carolyn took out in September who were celebrating their fifth (I think) anniversary.  Copper dun midge was the ticket early in the day.  Derek picked a few on the Tiger Tail, but the hot hare’s ear

Derek - 10/14/16

Derek – 10/14/16

nymph was the winning ticket that day.  Stan had Larry on the water.  He is a Judge in Johnson County so they had a lot to talk about with Stan having been a Sheriff’s Officer out of the Johnson County court house.  Good day for Larry on the copper dun midge.  Another slow start, but certainly picked up later in the morning g.  Jim had a couple from Canada out, John and Phyllis.  Best pattern was the baby ruby.

Andi-s 1st on fly rod - 10/15/16

Andi’s 1st on fly rod – 10/15/16

Hopefully, another woman fly fisher in the making.  Don and Andi spent Saturday morning on the water with Carolyn.  Don has been fishing for a few years, but this was Andi’s first experience.  Carolyn worked with her on the roll cast, regular cast, and some line management work.  Glad to say, she  took the normal route.  Casting was looking good, but after hooking the first fish, it all disappeared for a while.  Best day we have had for a while just below the boat ramp.  We started our trip a

Don - 10/15/16

Don – 10/15/16

little later in the morning and started hitting fish shortly after we got in the water on the P&P midge.  Don tried several other patterns, but always came back to the P&P.  Jim had Chris and Jeff out for an instructional trip and they did a good job.  Good day on the blood worm dropper under the P&P.  Stan’s couple, John and Teresa from Kansas, are fairly new fly fishers.  They did well on the copper dun and P&P.  It is really nice right now and should even get better, standing in the water looking at the trees along the river.  They are starting to show signs of coloring up.  Better get out and fish!


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